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Are you eager to find energy-efficient and powerful Beam Moving Head Sharp Lights? Explore Blue Sea Lighting's website to find the moving head beam light that meets your needs!
Blue Sea Lighting's stage sharp light has reached the industry's high standard of performance in terms of optics, structure, and appearance. Blue Sea Lighting's stage sharp lights are easy to install & portable, as well as heat resistant, anti-aging, and many other features to ensure perfect stage lighting.

Lamp Moving Head Light

Moving head lights are a eye-catching way to add drama & excitement according to you setup. From bright beams to bold patterns, each fixture brings a range of visual effects perfect for any stage. A moving head light is a smart light fixture that can be used in many different environments. From theaters to concerts, nightclubs to music festivals, this kind of lighting can be seen illuminating stages and performers with beautiful beams of light. It usually has the ability to zoom out or zoom in for more precise control of light direction. Guangzhou Blue Sea Lighting we have more than 15 years experience in stage lights market. What’s more, BLUE SEA LIGHTING have moving head lights from the stage lighting industry leading manufacturers and they all come with a ONE-year warranty as standard.

Advantages of Lamp Moving Head Lights

In order to better brand our business, we have been researching & developing more professional lighting fixtures at BLUE SEA LIGHT. In addition, we try our best to let more people and businessmen know more about our own brand NWIITC. We know that with the continuous improvement of customer needs and the development of the industry, the latest generation of moving head lights should integrate digital projection functions to achieve a real integration between lighting and video projection. Therefore, all the latest blue sea lighting factory lastest launches are capable of offering a comprehensive complement of professional features.

Classification of Moving Head Lights

Classification Based on Wattage

We have Lamp moving head lights series profiles 380W / 350W / 311W / 280W / 275W / 250W / 230W / 132W, LED moving head light series 700W / 400W / 250W / 200W / 150W / 120W / 100W / 80W / 60W / 40W / 30W / 25W / 15W / 12W / 10W.

It is worth noting that the Indoor series of lamp moving head lights include 380W / 17R 350W / 311W / 10R 280W / 275W / 250W / 7R 230W / 2R 132W, the Waterproof series of lamp moving head lights include 380W / 350W.We also led the special effects series for dynamic visual effects, as well as the necessary par lights. (Click on the bold words or the watt number to learn more products)

Classified in Terms of Usage Scenarios & Purposes

We have indoor wired models and outdoor waterproof wireless models, which are suitable for various needs. Usually, if customers are using stage lights for fixed installation indoors, we recommend using indoor wired models. This type of stage moving head lights is more stable in use and can be powered for a long time. It is suitable for indoor concerts, exhibition halls, and multi-functional Meeting rooms, concerts and tours, live television productions, corporate gigs, houses of worship, stadium-sized stages and live productions.

Another situation, if the customer are using stage lights for outdoor performances, or the customer is engaged in the stage lighting rental industry, we recommend using the outdoor waterproof wireless model. There are 3 reasons for our customers to choose this kind of moving head light. First of all, stage lighting used outdoors may face uncontrollable weather effects such as wind and rain. So it is very necessary for our customers to choose stage lighting with a higher waterproof level. We have a variety of stage lighting with a waterproof level of IP65, which can be used on rainy days. It's totally fine. Secondly, the rented stage lighting fixtures are designed to meet regular transportation needs. Wireless stage lighting fixtures can perfectly solve the of difficult transportation and make the transport become more convenience. Last but no least, outdoor waterproof wireless model moving head lights can greatly reduce the time and energy of cleaning up the equipment after use.

While continuing to meet many dfifferent kinds of various needs, we are constantly improving the appearance and various performances, and constantly developing novel stage lighting effects.

Various Performance Features of the Moving Head Light Series

Blue Sea Lighting moving head lights, whether they are Lamp moving head lights series (For example, Indoor Lamp Moving Head Light, Waterproof Lamp Moving Head Light), LED moving head light series (For example, LED Framing Moving Head Light, LED Beam & Spot & Wash Moving Head Light, LED Wash Moving Head Light, LED Pixel Bar Moving Head Light, LED Beam Moving Head Light, LED Spot Moving Head Light, other LED Moving Head Light) (Click on the bold words to learn more products), can provide professional functional effects for lighting designers when programming.

The automatic framing system can further shape the beam and control unwanted spillage. The pattern wheels with gobos, whether rotating or stationary, can project images to achieve a rotating & spinning effect. The animation wheels can project special dynamic flame or ripple effects. The color wheel with a dichroic color filter is great for changing the color of the light beam. Variable, the incremental cyan, magenta and yellow mixing filters can change beam color through subtractive color mixing. What’s more, the color temperature correction can be done either during color changes or via a separate CTB/CTO. So we can imagine that a wider range of colors could be created by the controlling system. The linear frost filters can produce mixed wash effects. The automatic lens sets trains are used to zoom and focus the beam. The aperture is used to change the size of the light beam. The independently controlled prisms can create more dynamic visual effects. Additionally, the mechanical / electrical dimming linearly changes the intensity of light output, while the shutter produces a high-speed shutter / stroboscopic effect.

Applicable Scenarios for Moving Head Lights

In addition, the blue sea lighting moving head light can support DMX, RDM, Artnet, WDMX, standard or optional. Whether being used for concerts and tours, live TV productions, corporate shows, cruise ships or houses of worship, stadium-sized stages and live productions, BLUE SEA LIGHTING is an ideal choice.

The beam lamp is a metal halide lamp and the pattern lamp is a discharge bulb. The beam lamp uses a metal halide lamp with a small beam angle and a high utilization rate of light efficiency. Therefore, even if the power of the beam lamp is not very high, a very bright beam can be obtained. Because the moving head light emits cone-shaped light, the diffusion area of the moving head light is much larger than that of the beam light. The beam moving head light perfectly combines the characteristics of both.Beam lights are more often used in scenes with powerful live effects, such as opening performances, singing and dancing close-ups, etc., in conjunction with strobe lights to create passionate visual impact. Moving head lights are more of a soft and intellectual art. Aftertaste in the gentle and slow dance, through the combination of different colors and patterns, as well as different rotation speeds and the zooming in or out of the pattern, a soft and gorgeous scene is formed, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere.

Please let us imagine that at this moment we are in a bar with a height of only 3 to 5 meters, so it is a wise choice for us to choose a moving head lamp. The beams and patterns can create a good atmosphere without giving guests an uncomfortable feeling and causing them discomfort.

On the contrary, in a very high studio, the moving head light will make the beam very dark due to its wide beam angle, so it cannot achieve the ideal lighting effect. Therefore, in this case, beam lights should be used to deal with this situation. Unless there are other special requirements for venue lighting effects.Therefore, when choosing lamp beam lights and LED moving head lights, it should be determined based on the actual distance and the desired effect. The moving head beam light just combines the two, making the application areas more extensive. It is suitable for TV studios and photography, large-scale concerts, bars, road shows, theaters, outdoor lighting, etc.

About the Lamp Moving Head Light, What do You Want to Know?

Q: How many hours does lamp moving head light have a life span of?

A: Generally, the lamp moving head light has a life span of 1500 - 3000 hours.

Q: Is the light decay of beam light obvious?

A: Compared with LED moving head lights, the light decay of LED moving head lights is not obvious, while the light decay of beam lights is more obvious.

Q: How long does it take for the beam lights to show light decay generally?

A: The light decay of the beam lamp will generally be more obvious after 1000-2000 hours. But don't worry, the life span of the beam lamp beads is approaching the limit. The life span of beam lamp beads is usually 1500-3000 hours.

Q: Why does the light source of the lamp moving head light have such a short service life?

A: This is related to the principle of luminescence. Generally speaking, the working principle of a lamp is related to its current. It generates electricity through the internal metal tungsten filament and the external current. At the same time, the working principle of the lamp is also related to the gas inside it. Generally, the interior of the bulb is filled with vacuum or other inert gas. When the lamp works, tungsten's high melting point is used to create a filament.Simply put, a lamp is a device that converts electrical energy into light energy to provide lighting. It can be inferred from this that the light-emitting mechanism of lamps (traditional lighting) is that electric energy heats the luminescent tungsten filament and emits light. After long-term heating, the tungsten filament will age or even burn out, and the life of the lamp will end. The aging time of tungsten wire is about 1000-3000 hours. This determines the service life of the lamp tube to be 1000-3000 hours.

Q: Which brand of moving head lighting equipment should you choose?

A: There are many brands of stage moving lights on the market today. When choosing stage lighting or stage equipment, we should carefully find out the origin, price and whether the brand is reputable. You get what you pay for, quality and price are directly proportional. If you are looking for a partner with low price, stable quality and long-term cooperation, we sincerely invite you to consider BLUE SEA LIGHTING. Of course, choosing a brand that suits you will give you the most enjoyable experience.

Q: What is the relationship between illumination, luminous intensity, and luminous flux?

A: Illuminance: refers to the luminous flux illuminated by a certain light source on a unit area. Its unit is lumens (Lm) per square meter, also called Lux.

Luminous intensity, referred to as light intensity: refers to the luminous flux emitted by a point light source in a given direction within a unit solid angle, the unit is candela (cd)For example: a 40W incandescent lamp has a luminous intensity of about 30cd directly below it, and there is also a considerable amount of luminous intensity in all directions around the bulb. Above it, due to the obstruction of lamp holders, wires, and lamp holders, the luminous intensity going upward is almost zero.At this time, if an opaque umbrella-shaped lampshade with a downward opening is installed on the incandescent lamp, the light in all directions will be reflected downward by the lampshade, so the downward luminous flux will increase. At this time, the solid angle under the lampshade has not changed, so the spatial density of the luminous flux increases, and the luminous intensity increases from 30cd to more than 70cd.

Luminous flux, the previous two concepts mentioned luminous flux, so what is luminous flux? In layman's terms, luminous flux refers to the total amount of light emitted by a light source, that is, the amount of light passing through, unit lumens, symbol Lm. The illumination mentioned earlier refers only to the amount of light shining on a certain unit area.

A simple understanding is that if you use the same light source or lamp for lighting, the further away from the light source, the less luminous flux you get and the lower the illumination.