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High End LED Moving Head Light Manufactuer in China
Are you eager to find a stable performance and long-life LED moving head wash light? Explore Light Blue Sea Lighting’s website to find the LED wash moving head light, LED Spot moving head light, LED Beam moving head light, LED beam spot wash 3in1 moving head light, LED Profile moving head light that meets your needs!
Blue Sea Lighting’s LED wash moving head light, LED Spot moving head light, LED Beam moving head light, LED beam spot wash 3in1 moving head light, LED Profile moving head light has reached the industry’s high standard performance in terms of optics, structure, and appearance. BLUE SEA LIGHTING’s LED wash moving head light, LED Spot moving head light, LED Beam moving head light, LED beam spot wash 3in1 moving head light, LED Profile moving head light are bright & have a long-range while being waterproof and many other features to ensure perfect stage lighting! Suitable for city buildings, theme park lights, and outdoor lighting projects.

LED Beam Moving Head Light

Beam moving head light is one of the most common stage lighting fixtures in nightclubs. Beam moving lights project a narrow beam that is extremely precise and has a razor edge. These beams are very narrow and don't spread out much over long distances. The stage effect design of the beam moving head light is usually used to sweep across the club to produce a very cool "search light" lighting effect. The beam of a beam moving head light can change color, strobe, and have many other lighting effects. Blue Sea Lighting Manufacturer invites you to contact us to learn more.

Advantages of LED Beam Moving Head Light

Moving beam lights are great for focusing on a certain part of a stage performance. In theater settings, they are primarily used when one character is delivering a monologue or solo performance, as the focused beam only illuminates one character while the rest of the stage around them remains dark. Beam moving lights are also great for DJs when used with other lighting and effects gear. They provide a tight and focused beam, which is useful when used with a disco ball as the beam covers the entire surface of the ball to create the full disco effect. Beam lights are best used with a haze machine or mist machine. When the Tyndall effect occurs, light takes on a shape. Because if there is no smoke or haze in the air, the beam itself is not visible. If you're only using a moving beam to focus on a surface during a show, smoke isn't necessary. However, if you want the effect of the beam itself being visible in the air, then using a fog machine or smoke machine to blow out the smoke would be a smart choice. While beam moving heads are primarily designed to produce a tight, solid beam, many of our beam moving lights also feature gobos. A gobo is an elongated piece of plastic or metal material that covers the lens so that the light produced has a pattern or shape on the surface. These are ideal for DJ and disco use, and some of them feature interchangeable gobos, allowing you to use your own custom gobo patterns with lights to create a scene that's even more suitable for rendering the atmosphere.

Classification of LED Beam Moving Head Light

Blue Sea Lighting moving head light series includes professional profile lamps moving head light, LED moving head lights, LED par lights, battery powered LED uplight, LED profile studio light, LED wall washer light, LED blinder light, laser lights, strobe light, follow spot light, LED city color light, LED party light, etc. (Click on the bold words to learn more details)

Classification Based on Wattage

We have Lamp moving head lights series profiles 380W / 350W / 311W / 280W / 275W / 250W / 230W / 132W, LED moving head light series 700W / 400W / 250W / 200W / 150W / 120W / 100W / 80W / 60W / 40W / 30W / 25W / 15W / 12W / 10W. It is worth noting that LED Framing Moving Head Light include 700W / 400W, LED Beam Spot Wash Moving Head Light include 400W / 250W / 200W, LED Wash Moving Head Light include 60W / 40W / 25W / 15W / 12W / 10W, LED Pixel Bar Moving Head Light include 60W / 40W, LED Beam Moving Head Light include 250W / 150W / 80W / 40W, LED Spot Moving Head Light include 120W / 100W / 30W.We also led the special effects series for dynamic visual effects, as well as the necessary par lights, laser lights and strobe lights. (Click on the bold words or the watt number to learn more products)

Different series classification of the beam moving head lights in BLUE SEA LIGHTING FACTORY

Applicable Scenarios for LED Beam Moving Head Light

The beam moving head light of blue sea lighting factory uses high power LED with RGB color mixing function. You can use them in standalone mode or with DMX. The standalone feature is best suited for smaller events such as bars and small clubs, as the lights will follow impressive pre-programmed automatic patterns. You can easily create a stage rendering atmosphere without any supporting equipment. At large events, you'll most likely want the lights to follow your own movement pattern. In this case, DMX functionality is more suitable here. By using DMX, you can choose the exact motion pattern that the light will follow, as well as choose what color it will be set to at any given time. Beam moving heads are best used with a fog machine or smoke machine. When the Tyndall effect occurs, light takes on a shape. When a room is filled with smoke, you'll see the actual beam, not just the effect it has on the surface. A fog machine is best for this purpose. Because they create a thinner smoke effect. The thin smoke hangs in the air so much that you can barely notice it, while making your beam moving head look more than twice as good as stage lighting. Our range of beam moving head lights also work effectively with mirror balls used in discotheques. If placed at the right distance, the focused beam can cover the entire mirror ball surface, while the interchangeable colors can create a strong disco effect if used correctly.

What Do You Want to Know About the LED Beam Moving Head Light?

Q: How to choose a suitable beam moving head light?

A: There are some things to consider when purchasing beam moving head stage lighting fixtures. One of them is the brightness of the built-in LED lights. The higher the wattage of the LED, the brighter the fixture. This is something to consider when purchasing light fixtures for certain locations. Because you need to make sure it works effectively within the distance of the desired lighting area you plan to have.

Another important factor to consider when looking for moving beams is the colors each beam is capable of producing. Some of the more basic units will come with about 8 colors of standard RGB LEDs. And the more professional series will feature RGBW / AUV color mixing, giving you even more achievable colors to take advantage of. The Beam Moving Head Light of Blue Sea Lighting Manufacturer has a powerful stepless color mixing system, making it the perfect choice.

Of course, the size of each light is an important factor to consider. We offer extremely compact units that are perfect for small bar gigs or even house parties. We also offer large units that are universally suitable for large, medium and small events. Once you understand what you need to achieve and how much space you have available, making your choice will be much easier.

The effects each type of light can produce is another important aspect. Some of our beam moving heads only deliver pure static colours, while others have interchangeable gobos for creating patterns and shapes in the light effect. In addition to this, some of our moving beam lights feature hybrid designs, with not only fixed gobo plates, but also dynamic gobo plates. The rotating effect of pattern magnification and shrinkage combined with the perfect combination of the infinite color mixing system, the beam moving head light of blue sea lighting factory allows you to use it in beam or spotlight mode to change the width of the color diffusion, thereby obtaining a more eye-catching stage Lighting effects.