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Discover the benefits of BlueSealighting's OEM/ODM stage lighting systems.

As an OEM/ODM factory and manufacturer, Bluesea Lighting has a 5,000 square meter factory in Guangzhou City, China. We have a wide range of R&D, production and sales teams to meet your different needs, and most of our products have passed CE, ROSH, FCC and other certifications. We are equipped with the most advanced automated machines and well-equipped stage lighting production equipment, which can support our monthly production capacity. Our products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions, and our superior engineering and manufacturing expertise and extensive experience in the stage lighting industry add value to our customers.Our custom production can achieve the following effects, but we can do so much more than that. Only you can't think of customization, there is no customization that we can't do!

1. LOGO Customized

Usually wholesalers or retailers will require a variety of personalized customization to meet various market needs and brand promotion. So we can customize your LOGO on the lamp, such as on the arm, head sticker, sticker, anywhere on the chassis and on the display.

2. Package customization

We can do flight case/carton design in different sizes according to your requirements. Your LOGO can be silk-screened on the flight case/carton.

3. Appearance customization

Usually OEM/ODM companies can mass-produce public model products, and our company can not only provide public model products, but also provide bulk ordering of private model products. Our company not only has its own private mold products, but also can set up private mold products and mass produce them according to the specific requirements of customers.

4. Product chassis color customization

Our products can provide customization of product chassis color. Usually our products are black by default. If the customer has a demand, our company can customize white or other colors according to the customer's needs, and the specific situation depends on the customer's needs.

5. Lamp gobo plate customization

Our company's beam moving head lights and LED moving head lights with pattern plates can provide pattern customization according to the specific needs of customers. Whether it is a traditional fixed gobo wheel or a glass gobo wheel, as long as the customer can provide a clear pattern, our company can customize the pattern for the customer.

6. Program, channel effect customization

Our professional technical engineers can customize programs and effects according to your requirements.

7. Accessories customization

Customize the power plugs of various countries to meet the needs of different markets.

3 cores or 5 cores XLR for your choice.

One-piece folding, single folding light hook for your choice.

8. Language customization

Our luminaire programming can be set in many different languages according to customers' target market.

Why should you find us for personalized Mass customization?With the development of the times, the consumption concept of the new generation has been updated and iterated, and the market demand has been continuously differentiated, gradually shifting from "mass consumption" to "personalized consumption".

Mass customization is a concept where customers are provided unique custom-made products at the mass production prices. This concept of branding is becoming quite popular with the companies these days, and more and more companies are adopting this business concept to boost their sales. Just like the line in the movie "Private Customization", "Private customization, no regrets in life! Then please use the personalized online customization service platform to explain the benefits of personalized customization for us."

Why do you want to find us for custom stage lighting?Because we are professional. Blue Sea Lighting offers OEM and DOM stage lighting solutions that are perfect for theatres, concert venues, and event spaces. Our lighting systems are high-quality and cost-effective, providing a range of options for buyers. As an OEM/DOM manufacturer, BlueSealighting is able to provide custom lighting solutions to suit specific needs. Our products are also energy-efficient and easy to install. With BlueSealighting, buyers can rest assured you are getting top-quality stage lights that are built to last. So, if you're looking for a reliable and effective stage lighting solution, consider BlueSealighting.

Blue Sea Lighting Co., Limited, a high-tech enterprise specialized in stage lighting manufacture with the rich experience over 17 years since 2006. We have been promoting our own stage light brand NWIITC. Our target market is middle and high end. Over 70% of our clients come from America and Europe. Our products cover LED profile studio light, moving head light, LED moving head, LED par light, LED wall washer, LED dance floor, etc. All of them have approved certification of CE, RoHS and Fcc. Our stage light are sold well at home and abroad and widely used inlarge and medium show, event, television, studio, theater, wedding, party, starhotel, night club, gymnasium etc.Blue Sea Lighting has professional R&D team, strict quality control team, passionate sales team and over 60 skilled employees, We adhere to independent innovation and high quality stage light. We never do one-time deal. We concern more about long term cooperation. We believe only the stable products can achieve win-win business.

We provide ODM, OEM, one-stop purchase service and overseas technical support. No matter you are wholesale, retail, contractors or end user. If you need stage light or need oversea technical support, please free feel to contact with us. We will be always there for you. Sincerely look forward to working with you in near future. We can provide you with professional customized services and suggestions to help you create high-quality products of your own brand.

Even if you already have a supplier, we are happy to be your backup and add value. Just tell us what works for you, and we'll do our best to make it happen, simple as that.