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Blue Sea Lighting - A Professional Stage lighting OEM/ODM Manufacturer

professional OEM/ODM

stage light factory & Manufacturer

Blue Sea Lighting® is a professional OEM/ODM stage light factory & Manufacturer with 5,000 square meter plant in Huadu, Guangzhou, China. We have extensive R&D, production and sales team to meet your different demands, and most of our products have passed the CE, ROSH, FCC, and other approvals. We are equipped with the most advanced automatic machines and well-equipped devices for stage lighting production, which can support our monthly production capability. Our Products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions, Our exceptional engineering and manufacturing expertise plus broad experience in the stage lighting industry addvalue to both our customers.

contact our blue sea lighting sale management to negotiate the price and stage lights projects

Contact Negotiation

contact our blue sea lighting saler to draw your customerized design

Draw Design

when the stage light sample is ready,BLUE SEA LIGHTING will send the stages light sample to you

Send Samples

when our customers finish comfirming the samples of stages lights, blue sea light production department will mass product the customized productions

Mass Production

when the production department finish product the order, professional blue sea lighting will check the goods (QC, CE, RoHS, Fcc)

Check the good(QC)

When all the procedures are completed and the customer confirms that there is no problem with the inspection of the goods, blue sea lighting will arrange the transportation/shipment of the goods.


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