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24 Road 16A Waterproof Output Power Distributor

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24 Road 16A Waterproof Output Power Distributor
Model No.: BPD2416

Technical parameters:

Power supply: three-phase five-wire system AC380±10%, frequency 50Hz/60Hz±5%
Input current: self-locking staggered zero-fire 400A rhino plug
Display: With three-phase A.B.C direct-reading independent LCD current and voltmeter display, various
data can be monitored in real time without switching
Output: 24 channels 16A waterproof output, each output with indicator light display
Body: Use exquisite double-layer shock-proof hexagonal pattern plate; 14U standard cabinet.
Control system: 200A main circuit breaker is used for the main control; each independent circuit
breaker C20A, with double protection of overload and short circuit
Normal working environment:
Ambient temperature: 0-±45C
Relative humidity: 40%-80%
Equipped with LED blue light work light
Product size (mm): L670×W600×H880