400W CMY LED Moving Head Light
400W CMY LED Moving Head Light

400W CMY LED Moving Head Light

Model NO.

400W CMY LED Moving Head Light
Model No.: BLM400BS

Technical Parameters:
Input voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Rated power: 600W
Light source: high brightness LED 400W Light
source module
Light source life: 50000 hours
Optical angle: 7 ° - 42 °
Level: 540 degrees + 16bit fine adjustment
Vertical: 270 degrees + 16bit fine adjustment
Channel: 26 standard DMA channel with RDM function
Color: 7 colors with white light
CTO: temperature up and down color chip (can be added)
Rotation pattern: 7 rotation pattern pieces + white light, pattern flowing effect, pattern
jitter effect, can realize bidirectional flow.
Atomization: with a atomizing mirror to achieve dyeing effect.
Prism disk: 3 prism effect, can rotate independently and Bi directionally.
0-20hz / s, electronic linear dimming, high-speed stroboscopic, a variety of stroboscopic
Focusing: linear focusing function
Aperture: adjust the spot size linearly
Cutting: 4 groups of cutting pieces, which can cut any figure
With automatic buffer battery (optional), edit menu without power 2.8 inch LCD touch screen, Chinese and English can be freely switched, font can be automatically reversed 180 degrees display.
N.W.: 25kg
G.W.: 27kg

Carton size: 54*44*66cm

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